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We ship worldwide
We ship worldwide

About us

CITY HERO – private clothing design workshop.


As an obsessed collector chasing through the whole world for the rare valuable coin, we select highly gifted illustrators who can create a perfect embodiment of our ideas in designs. However, each CITY HERO print design is always a cooperative work of an illustrator and a group of graphic designers of the Workshop.

Design is the main thing. We are fully focused on it. We have our own approach to it, which can be found … perhaps here only.

We consider everything: themes, emotions, anatomy for better location of details, colors, depth and volume of textures, and much more.

We try to make our prints to be so awesome so they can blow all the minds!

Well, it remains only to put CITY HERO on and not bother, we have already done it for you!


All our products are made in our own workshop in near Moscow. We always use only premium cotton fabrics.

Since 2013, we have been using digital pigment dyeing technology for printing on natural fabrics, modified by our workshop over the years to the highest quality values.

Our tailors make each product, for each customer individually.

Moscow, 2013